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Corrales & Associates is a law firm with solid academic training and experience in the practice of law.

Knowing that in many large corporate firms there is a careless approach towards clients’ satisfaction, and aware that this attention to clients goes beyond solving a specific legal incident, we created a law firm where we practice law with a more personalized and honest guidance.

Our clients consider us the best lawyers because we provide them with an efficient legal service in different branches of law by giving them transparent and legally founded answers. We’ve also proven to be an entity that cares and watches over the interests of its clients by demonstrating loyalty to our customers and thus we earn their loyalty.

Our values at Corrales & Associates Law Firm


We guarantee absolute confidentiality in the handling of information that we come to know or that is generated during any legal service process.


Loyalty to our clients is the cornerstone of our law firm. Nothing is above it. Our actions are always framed in the defense and protection of our clients.


We care about providing our clients with legal services that meet and exceed their expectations, proposing original and feasible solutions, based on the analysis of specific facts seeking the most efficient and effective solution.


We exercise the practice of law from honesty. We always offer our clients effective legal solutions without hiding anything from them or generating false expectations.


Provide quality legal services through adequate and timely legal solutions to protect the interests of our clients, committed to facilitating the understanding and familiarization of the particularities behind investing in Nicaragua and implications of legal processes in all activities.


Be a professional and prestigious law firm, a leader in its field and in continuous development, in order to holistically satisfy the needs and expectations of all our clients.

Our approach

We are firm believers that our approach is to provide a personalized service to our clients, always looking for appropriate, convenient and economically viable solutions. The finances of our firm and the income of our collaborators are assured, therefore, satisfaction, loyalty and presentation of honest solutions and strategies for our clients is our only priority.
An interdisciplinary team for integral solutions of the Corrales Lawyers - Corrales Attorneys Firm
Our approach to the Corrales Lawyers - Corrales Attorneys Firm - Our Firm

An interdisciplinary team for comprehensive solutions

Today, achieving and maintaining success in organizations requires talents that are practically impossible to find in a single individual, especially when it comes to consulting services. That is why our law firm is composed of lawyers, administrators and accountants, which allows us to advise our clients with greater confidence and security in their investments.

Partners of the firm

Meet the partners of our law firm
Atty. Sergio Corrales
Sergio Corrales Montenegro
Managing Partner of the firm

Lawyer and Notary Public graduated from Central American University (UCA) 2000. Specialist in commercial arbitrations for more than fifteen years as well as civil litigation and real estate. Director of the Nicaraguan Association of Investors and Developers (ANID), Legal Advisor to the Board of Directors of the Nicaraguan Chamber of Tourism (CANATUR), President of the Nicaraguan Institute of Legal Studies (INEJ) and President of the Nicaraguan Foundation for the Development of Education , Peace and the Environment (FUNDEEPA). He speaks Spanish and English.

Atty. Hector Bravo
Héctor Bravo Morráz
Partner of the law firm

Lawyer and Public Notary graduated from Central American University (UCA) in 2013, partner of the firm since 2017, with experience in investment projects and in the Real Estate branch since 2014. He speaks Spanish and English.

Atty. Sergio Portillo
Sergio Portillo Calero
Administrative Partner of the law firm

Lawyer and Public Notary graduated from the Central University of Nicaragua (UCN) in 2016, with experience in the field of Labor and Tax Law. He also holds a degree in Business Administration graduated from the Catholic University (UNICA) in 2005. He speaks Spanish and English.

Associates of the firm

Atty. Yorly Sozy
Yorly Soza García
Senior Associate of the firm

Lawyer and Notary Public graduated from Central American University (UCA) in 2000, she is the director of the Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution department, with experience in civil, labor and family litigation for more than fifteen years and in commercial arbitrations for five years.

Atty. Kilma Velásquez
Kilma Velásquez Álvarez
Director of Legal Assistance of the firm.

Lawyer and Notary Public graduated from the Polytechnic University of Nicaragua (UPOLI) in 2004, is the Director of the Department of Legal Assistance firm with unmatched experience in property registration, general management and Administrative Resources for over nine years.

Atty. IndiraMayorga
Indira Mayorga Prado
Associate of the firm

Lawyer and Notary Public graduated from the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua (UNAN - Managua) in 2009, with six years of experience in the corporate and energy-mines area and four years of experience in matters immigration and administrative law. She has experience in diplomatic issues. She speaks Spanish and English.

Atty Anielka Alemán
Anielka Alemán Rocha
Associate of the firm

Lawyer and Notary Public graduated from the Central American University (UCA) in 2012, with experience in Commercial Law, Labor Law and Real Estate for more than five years, and in Tax Law since 2015 .

Atty. Jaritza Orozco
Jaritza Orozco López
Associate of the firm

Graduated from Central American University (UCA) with honors Magna Cum Laude, Master in Business Law from Universidad Centroamericana (UCA), has a diploma in Human Rights with mention in Access to Justice by AUSJAL - IIDH at the Pontificia Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá, Colombia.
Experience in civil litigation, alternative conflict resolution methods, corporate law, immigration law and real estate.
She speaks Spanish and English.


An attractive destination with a framework of favourable laws for investors

Investment opportunities in Nicaragua

Free Zones

The Law of Industrial Export Free Zones (917) benefits investors with tax attractions that can allow you to reduce the operating costs of your companies. During the first 10 years of operation, you will be one hundred percent exempt from the payment of Income Tax, as well as municipal taxes, sales taxes and exception of customs duties.


By investing in the tourism branch in Nicaragua, The Promotion of Foreign Investments (Law 344) provides benefits such as free access to the purchase and sale of available foreign currency and free currency convertibility; ownership of the property related to their investment and equal treatment regarding the rights and means granted to Nicaraguan investors.


Law for the Conservation, Promotion and Sustainable Development of the Forestry sector (Law 462) benefits investors in the forestry sector with tax incentives such as exemption from the payment of fifty percent of the Municipal Sales Tax and fifty percent of the profits derived from the exploitation; Exemption from Real Estate Tax; Deduction as an expense of 50% of the amount invested for tax income purposes and exemption from import taxes on equipment and machinery for the second and third transformation in wood processing.

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